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The company ROBEX DK, s.r.o.® is a long-standing supplier of technology and technologies for the processing of textile materials, foils, paper, PUR foams and other foam materials. As part of improving the quality of our services to our customers, we also started supplying older machines and devices from all over Europe. We understand today's difficult situation on the market and especially the economic demands of buying new machines. That is why we strive to expand the offer as much as possible older, cheaper machines, which, however, do not show signs of wear or wear does not affect functionality (possible later overhaul or repair). Like this the machines are also beneficial to companies that do not have sufficient financial background or this machine does not fulfill the main role of earning profit and it is a machine the so-called supplementary.

  • older bazaar machines according to your demand
  • Whenever you contact us, we will try to offer you a machine exactly according to of your imagination. Due to the long-term relationships in this field within the whole of Europe, we are able to supply machines of various brands, types, etc. We have a perfect overview within the Czech Republic and Slovakia! We are also connected to the largest bazaars in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Turkey, etc.
  • bazaar machines published on our website
  • Machines in our possession that come from our production or from ours partners. Guarantee of condition and quality, possibility of additional deliveries of spare parts. We most often specialize in band saws (PRAGODĚV, PŘS 4, RS 1100, HYMA, MICA, etc.), crushers and scratching machines for PUR foams, Molitan®, polystyrene, shearing machines, rewinding machines and other equipment.
  • mediation of an older machine or consultancy
  • If we do not have the machine directly available, we will try to hand it over to you contact a seller who has or can suggest such a machine performance alternative!
  • import of older machines from the seller to the customer and its installation
  • We also offer a service with assistance in transporting and installing an older machine, which you obtained from another seller.

We have also developed RobexPedia for you - the first comprehensive field encyclopedia, help for a given category or subcategory, where you will find an overview of important parameters and types offered in the given section! RobexPedie HERE!

As the only one in the Czech Republic with such an extensive assortment, we also offer service and repairs for not only the goods delivered by us! More HERE

If you cannot find the machine or goods you are looking for, please contact us at any time. We will be happy to offer you an alternative or find a suitable solution for you...

For more information, you can also visit us at our company (headquarters), where it is possible to view by appointment products offered by us. We also offer the possibility of directly testing the machine, device on your material free of charge. Immediately after your arrival, one of our employees will take care of you and together we will surely find a suitable solution! Thank you in advance for Your visit us!

Foto of Pneumatical press BRERO 133 - bazaar

Pneumatical press BRERO 133 - bazaar

ID 779
At Stock (verify)
Eur 974.6,- net of VAT
Eur 1179.2,- VAT incl.

Excellent and first-rate pneumatic press Swiss production, brands Brero, type 133. Foot control air break switch.

Foto of Electrical press SVIT Zlín - bazaar

Electrical press SVIT Zlín - bazaar

ID 783
At Stock (verify)
Eur 1192.8,- net of VAT
Eur 1443.3,- VAT incl.

Small electrically press with vackovym system transmission force on lower pressing piston. Available 3 shreds! After settlements possibility demonstrate!

Foto of Band saw Hoffman  HF-200T/750 - middle triple wheels band saw for textile cutting - bazaar

Band saw Hoffman HF-200T/750 - middle triple wheels band saw for textile cutting - bazaar

ID 1062
Custom made
Eur 2542.4,- net of VAT
Eur 3076.3,- VAT incl.

Medium three-wheel band saw for textile and similar materials. Very good condition, little used. Band saw intended primarily for cutting textiles and similar materials with a cutting height up to 200 mm (max. 300 mm). Table size 125x135 cm. The saw is equipped with a two-speed motor, the cutting speed of the blade is 8 and 16 m / s.

Foto of Band saw cutting machine SVIT L18100 - bazaar

Band saw cutting machine SVIT L18100 - bazaar

ID 808
Custom made
on demand

Precis horizontal band saw SVIT (bazar)!

Foto of Worm-conveyor for loose material - bazzar

Worm-conveyor for loose material - bazzar

ID 844
Custom made
on demand

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