Services for resellers, commission system, regional representation

You can be the next reseller

ROBEX DK, s.r.o.® is a long-standing supplier of goods (products, machines, devices and accessories) for upholstery and tailoring operations, processors of textiles, films, yarns, rubber and other materials.

As part of our services and sales support, we welcome any cooperation with other companies that participate in the Czech and EU markets and are engaged in the sale of the same or similar product range. That is why we have prepared a system to facilitate such cooperation.

As part of sales support for other sellers, we are able to provide:

  • conducting tests and samples on materials supplied by your customer, the end customer (free of charge by agreement) - we own a development center and a permanent workplace for testing and conducting tests
  • consultation and advice according to your defined requirements (it is possible to communicate directly with the end customer or you - full transfer of information)
  • pre-stocking of goods for regular purchases of larger quantities, i.e. warehouse with us (e.g. splints, knives or other consumables)
  • information telephone service (mutual communication, confidentiality, communication of stock and delivery deadlines)
  • providing source marketing materials and information (for other sellers - especially for further editing and presentation)
  • discounts for resale, in the amount according to common practices in the field and type of assortment or specific type

What makes the system advantageous and unique?

  • we keep the warehouse (you don't have warehouse stock - reduction of warehouse overheads)
  • quick response to customer requirements (quick mutual communication)
  • price policy (we can calculate the price within your project)
  • commission system (for an advantageous individual commission system, see business conditions)
  • individual payment terms or delayed payment (in the case of long-term cooperation, adjustment of individual payment conditions)
  • expedited complaint procedure (expedited complaint procedure agreed after agreement - we will handle the complaint)
  • service of the delivered goods (confidentiality agreed after agreement - we can act as your company)
  • possibility of confidentiality and individual approach (upon agreement, we can e.g. fit the machine with your company label, modify manuals, etc.)

However, the entire system is designed individually and the individual parameters of our cooperation can be precisely specified in advance.

Don't you always know what we can collaborate on?

Other cooperation options:

  • advertising and promotion (linking advertising - ensuring bilateral regional representation, etc.)
  • cooperation on the development and production of machines to order (joint development, production of sets, technological units while maintaining loyalty)
  • preparation of only a part of the work, e.g. documentation, drawing documentation, only the functional part of the technology, etc.

Let's build a network of exclusive agencies together

We are also the exclusive representative of several important companies and brands in the Czech Republic and in some cases also in Slovakia. For example, in 2023 we became the exclusive representative in Central Europe of the RASOR brand from Italy. We also represent the Rexel brand and others in the CR-SR region. We are also a direct importer of several traditional brands and manufacturers, e.g. KM (Hashima), Leyiang (Lejiang), Cheering, WBT, Csepel, etc.

We grow together with you

The only way to profit with us is through a satisfied customer. We always advise the customer, based on the thesis that a satisfied customer will return. The same applies to other sellers.

We have been engaged in commission activities for more than 15 years, so we can offer long-term experience. The effort is to ensure full satisfaction for the customer and you - the next seller, not only during the selection of goods or technology (testing, consulting), during purchase and commissioning, but also during the warranty period and, of course, after the warranty!

Just one more step ...

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us at any time.

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