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Profile and history of ROBEX DK, s.r.o.

Foto vedení společnosti z roku 2008

Established in the field of cutting equipment since 1994. Providing equipment to shearing shops, upholstery shops and up-to-date packaging technology manufacturers.

Firma Štěpán Robek - Robex was established on October 12, 1994 as a sole trader focusing on the production and trade of cutting, cutting and tailoring equipment for sewing workshops and tailoring operations. Right from the start we became members of the Guild of Upholsterers and Decorators (decree of ROBEX DK, s. r. o.® here).

Over time, the company's supporting program developed towards the production of laying tables, band saws, single-purpose machines for cutting various materials in strips, with layering, transfer machines, foam crushers (foam machines), PUR foam recycling lines.

V in the city of Dvur Králové nad Labem, during the nearly twenty-year history of the company, we have managed to establish partnership relations with many engineering companies, which also enables us to create joint, production-complex projects of custom-made machines and equipment from various areas of production.

Due to the fact that our company had to switch to double-entry accounting by law, we founded the company ROBEX DK, s. r. o. on this title on March 4, 2005, which is mainly a manufacturing company, but also partly a commercial one (with this e-shop) . The company received a 'registration mark ®' to protect the name ROBEX DK, s. r. o.® and its products!.

The newly founded company had a relatively short history, yet we managed to acquire long-term and still important customers. Both companies have been fully owned by Mr. Štěpán Robek until now.

A brief overview of our activities and the supporting program of the company

  • production of laying tables, band saw, cutting machines, textile fasteners ...
  • business activities - cloth cutters, cutting equipment, tools and accessories
  • custom made machines and equipment for textile and clothes production
  • servicing of all types of band saws and manual cutters for textiles and foam materials ...
  • hot wire machines for polystyrene cutting CleexCut
  • consulting, equipping operations from A to Z...
  • design activity and creation of complete drawing documentation

Currently, the company is engaged in commercial activities, custom manufacturing of machines for the textile industry, production facilities processing foam materials, upholstery facilities and others. Furthermore, the company has its own design office, which makes the entire production cheaper to a great extent. Over time, the company ROBEX DK, s. r. o. becomes a research and development center for various branches of industry. Over time, we also broke through in the automotive and healthcare sectors.


We grow together with you

With us, the only way to profit is through a satisfied customer. We always advise the customer, based on the thesis that a satisfied customer will return.

Our company is thus continuously developing and while maintaining the original structure and assortment, especially for the textile and processing industry, which has not shown growth and perspective in the long term, is looking for other possible applications on our market. We firmly believe that we will continue to be your partners and contribute to the growth of your company.

In 2022, after the owner, Mr. Robek, his eldest son, Mr. Tomáš Robek, became the managing director, who continues the company's tradition. Our joint plan is to further develop the company towards Industry 5.0 and strengthen great relationships with you, our customers, partners and in some cases even friends.

Division of our company

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