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Since 1994, we have been your reliable partner for the equipment of your establishment and a simple and convenient purchase

The company Štěpán Robek - Robex was established on 12 October 1994 as a natural person focusing on the production and trade of shearing, cutting and tailoring techniques for equipping sewing workshops and tailoring operations. Right at the beginning we became members of the Guild of Upholsterers and Decorators (decree of ROBEX DK, s. r. o.® here).

Over time, the company's supporting program developed towards the production of laying tables, band saws, single-purpose machines for cutting various materials in strips, with layering, transfer machines, foam crushers (foam machines), recycling lines for PUR foams. However, in addition to the successful development of custom machine production, the shop will remain an integral part of the company's portfolio by the owner's decision. We are manufacturers, importers and suppliers and we are engaged in both retail and mainly wholesale sales. That's how it will stay. You can learn more about the company's other activities here:


With us, the e-shop is not a means to simplify our work in terms of obtaining orders. It is designed especially with regard to the complexity of product specifications and thus their presentation to you, our customers. Consulting over the phone or testing your material and thus help in choosing your new helper is still widely used.

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We have been operating the www.robex-dk.cz since 2004, when its first version was launched, which for the time being was only a presentation of our products. Over time, this austere presentation was redesigned and supplemented with its own e-shop system. Buying goods and products couldn't be easier, especially thanks to the amount of information we publish about the given product. We obtain information about products through our own testing and measurements. We therefore do not rely on austere data from manufacturers, but we try to maintain a permanent overview. We approach sales responsibly and respond to your needs! That is why we are always looking for new products that would interest you, our customers, and help you in your production. We are also always looking for alternative solutions so that we can always offer you more variants in different quality and price.

In 2008, the first modernization of the website was carried out incl. switching to php. At the same time, the company logo was also changed. The next modernization was in 2012, when we changed the design of the entire website, and from this year you can meet us with the same corporate design, including the logo.

The website was last modernized in the first half of 2023. Product filters in categories have been added and information about specific products has been significantly added, incl. EAN codes, manufacturers, catalog. numbers, technical specifications and replacements for products that are no longer on sale. The entire website is designed as fully responsive. The basket or shop cart, where you are now guided in three steps to the successful completion of the order.

A few interesting facts about the e-shop:

We wish you a pleasant time viewing the content of our e-shop. We believe you will be satisfied with us!

Brick and mortar store and consultancy

During the entire history of the company, we replaced only 7 girls in the store. Our team has stabilized and since 2017 the same employees have been serving you. We also offer consulting and service. In addition to the girls, one of the technicians is usually present, who will also discuss detailed technical difficulties with you, and together you will surely find a solution.

If you are not sure of the suitability of the given product for you, send us a sample of the processed material, we will perform the tests for you - free of charge! We are also ready to solve your possible questions immediately using our Hot Line or on tel. 732 898 932 (only in urgent cases). Other services such as: sharpening and sharpening of scissors, knives, repair and maintenance of cutters, etc. can also be arranged individually.

Insight into our company

We rely on the breadth of the offer and the quality of the services provided. Our range includes thousands of products, yet we are constantly expanding it in order to provide you with the largest possible selection. Literally every week new things are added. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us. We will try to find a solution for you.

In order to reduce overhead costs to an acceptable minimum, we only keep in stock products that are traded practically continuously. This reduces the need to keep stock and, of course, overheads, which must always appear in the price of the product. As part of this step, we also contacted all our partners, representatives and suppliers and set up the system to ensure fast delivery of goods, including foreign ones. All offered products and products are accompanied by comprehensible and complete instructions in the Czech language and other necessary documents. We always try to approach you, our customers, individually, always to your full satisfaction!

In addition, we do not lie to customers about the availability of products. What is marked as "Stock" is actually on our shelves, not at the supplier's.

Visit us in our store (company headquarters), where you can see the products we offer. We also offer the possibility of directly testing the machine, device on your material free of charge. Immediately after your arrival, one of our employees will take care of you and together we will surely find a suitable solution! Thank you in advance for your visit!

We work with the best

We only offer products that we believe are high-quality or particularly cost-effective products. We carefully select each piece of goods.

We offer 1295 products, 706 theirs variants from 20 countries on e-shop from producers/marks:

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Cooperation with a specific supplier is decided by the entire breadth of the company's organizational structure and must meet strict internal criteria. Recently, we have also included a traditional manufacturer of cutting technology, Rasor® from Italy, for which we are the exclusive dealer in Central Europe. We also have exclusive representation for Rexel from Poland and others.

Why us?


Quality products, availability and helpfulness of employees are the basic factors that make us one of the most popular stores in the given sector of industrial equipment aimed mainly at cutting equipment, equipment for tailor workshops and processors of textiles, foils and foam materials. Our business model is the sale of goods especially for industrial use in the highest quality at the best prices. Our business is closely linked to the trends of the Czech market, which is gradually increasingly oriented towards quality and minimization of maintenance.

We take full responsibility for our actions wherever our business affects people, their comfort, safety or the environment. For us, responsible business means offering our customers goods of the highest quality and at the same time treating our surroundings in such a way that our activities are sustainable in the long term.

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