Metal fabrication from part to final assembly


Do you need quality metal products at reasonable prices? Do you want a metal product exactly according to your ideas? Within our company, the field of Locksmithing is deeply rooted. We also use our own locksmith workshop for the implementation of very large and complex orders as part of our custom machine manufacturing.

For companies, we offer production capacities in metal production as well as for other companies. In technologies that we do not have yet, we cooperate with important partners in the field. With regard to sustainability especially within our region.

Do you need railings, steel stairs, automatic gates, gates, gratings and other metal products? We are also able to produce these simple sets for individuals. We not only manufacture the products according to your requirements, but we can also arrange their import or assembly.

For minor locksmith work, we carry out orders mainly in Královéhradecky and the surrounding area. However, this is not a condition. We will arrange delivery of almost anything you can think of. Whether it is machining and production of a small nature or the production of the construction of an exhibition stand or even an entire industrial switchboard, we will deliver everything exactly according to your specifications.

See what we can do in metal processing:

  • machining (drilling, cutting, milling, turning, grinding)
  • pressing of nuts and rivets, pressing of bearings
  • deburring and other finishing
  • basic surface refinement including cleaning and polishing
  • welding (spot, arc, CO2, Argon, MIG, TIG including stainless steel and aluminium)
  • assembly work and installation work

We also provide in cooperation:

  • surface treatment (powder coating, galvanizing, anodizing, plastering)
  • laser cutting, laser burning, water cutting
  • bending of really big sheets, sheet metal pressing
  • production of gears and gearing
  • production of atypical knives from HSS steel and carbide materials
  • guaranteed hardening or tempering

Our history

At the beginning of our production, the company started off pretty much from scratch, put on the gloves and we're on our way. We didn't just make complex lines that don't fit in one hall and are controlled from another floor. It all started with iron. Black craftsmanship isn't for everyone, but we're not afraid to get dirty.

An overview of some interesting realizations (outside of our custom machine production):

  • precision shafts (multipiece series)
  • repair and refurbishment of pneumatic shafts
  • machine bearing replacements
  • sliding/sliding doors and polished staircase (stainless steel)
  • incredible amount of machined parts
  • cover house for CEZ
CEZ house

We specialize especially in custom piece, small series and special production.

However, this does not mean that we are not able to produce larger batches. On the contrary, we are happy for any long term and permanent order from the metalworking and locksmith industry. However, if there is spare production capacity, we will be happy to produce even 1 piece for you.

Metalworking starts with us

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