Jigsaw of small medical drapes SK-600/HR

Jigsaw of small medical drapes SK-600/HR - main photo 1075
Jigsaw of small medical drapes SK-600/HR - detail photo 1075 Jigsaw of small medical drapes SK-600/HR - detail photo 1075 Jigsaw of small medical drapes SK-600/HR - detail photo 1075 Jigsaw of small medical drapes SK-600/HR - detail photo 1075 Jigsaw of small medical drapes SK-600/HR - detail photo 1075

Fully automatic machine for folding medical material in a roll from a width of 370 mm (up to 600 mm) into final packages with dimensions of 65 x 76 mm (up to 90 x 110 mm) with a cycle of up over 1.5 pieces in 1 s. The machine is equipped with a Siemens control system.

Manufacturer / Brand: ROBEX DK, s.r.o.
Country: Czech republic
Condition: new
Warranty: as agreed
Availability: Custom made
ID 1075
on demand

The product is made to order, according to the exact specification of the customer. The price depends on the amount of equipment and the optional specification of the product.

Detailed description

The machine consists of the following parts:

- Material unwinder - the roll is based on a lightly mounted pneumatically expanded shaft

- Dancer for controlling the speed of rotation of the unwinder according to the current speed of the machine

- Longitudinal folding mechanism - accordion folds - adjustable lower and upper panels

- Edges of top panels cooled by friction heating

- Set of straightening / knocking rollers for leveling any folds

- Assembly of draw cylinders. The material is rotated 90 degrees between them. Behind them, the material is already oriented horizontally

- Pair of belt conveyors 1 - located behind the rolling rollers, guide the longitudinally folded material into the dividing space

- Rotary (anvil) knife that separates the individual drapes. The division takes place against a steel cylinder. Drive of the dividing rollers by a servomotor

- Belt conveyors 2 - remove separate material. The circumferential speed is higher, basic than the speed before division, thus creating a gap between the separate pieces needed to create time for the transverse folds

- Belt conveyor system for transverse warehouses. At the warehouse location, the material is pressed into the next set of belts / belts by the edge of the folding knife, thus creating the first warehouse in 1/3 of the piece. The tynto system is placed on the machine 3 times in different orientation positions to achieve the desired result.

- Belt conveyor - moves the folded piece to the hopper, where it is moved by an attachment, which at the same time creates space for the next piece with each step of moving the stock

- System for optical separation of the required number of pieces. Each piece entered (for example, every 70th) will be extended so that the operator, who manually picks the products, has easier orientation

- Stacking tray

- The operator at the machine outlet takes a suitable number of pieces by hand and places them in a box

- SIEMENS S-1200 control system, SIEMENS servomotors, Kyence sensors, TURCK, SICK

- Elimination of statics by grounding, connecting parts

- The safety of the device is solved by means of covers with a transparent field of view made of polycarbonate. Cover door secured with limit safety switches. There are emergency stop buttons (TOTAL STOP) in the operating positions

- Control terminal - touch panel - for setting and optimizing machine parameters and production requirements (cycle, lengths of cross stocks, piece counters, number in batch, service menu, diagnostics .......)

- Sections of longitudinal and transverse warehouses ready for possible replacement in the future - the possibility of mechanical separation, electrical installation - the sections have their own el. substation with separate connection to the control system

- SW preparation for OI - collection of data on the use of the machine

- Remote access installed

Technical specifications

Max. machine power: 19.2 kW
Current system: 3 + N + PE TN-S
Supply voltage: AC 400V, 50Hz
Max. compressed air operating pressure: 6 bar
Workplace noise: <65 dB
Max. machine dimensions (l x w x h with material): 7600 x 1900 x 1920 mm
Gross weight: 2 300 kg

Width of processed material: 370 mm
Blank size: 375 x 450 with tolerance ± 5 mm
Folded drape size: 65 x 76 mm with tolerance ± 5 mm, max. 90 x 110 mm ± 5 mm
Warehouses: 5x longitudinal warehouse, 3 x transverse warehouse
Minimum machine cycle: 1.5 veils / 1 second
Operation: 3 shifts / 7 days a week


you can find more on the video portal RobexTube (Youtube.com/robexdk)


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Another services

We offer full warranty and post-warranty service, repairs and maintenance incl. delivery of spare parts.

The presented product is made to order, according to the customer's wishes. In some cases, it can be arranged to demonstrate it at an existing customer. We are also able to arrange tests with your material.

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