Vibromat S 52 - small pot whetstone for cloth cutter

Vibromat S 52 - small pot whetstone for cloth cutter - main photo 255

Grinder intended for the Vibromat S 52 cutter. The pot-type grinder is incl. glued inserts. This pot grinder (with offset) with a diameter of 10 mm, a width of 8 mm and a center hole of 3 mm is intended for Vibromat S-52 cutters.

Manufacturer / Brand: Vibromat
Country: Hungary
Condition: new
Warranty: 24 months / 12 months on ID
Availability: At Stock (verify)
Cat.no. 01002102 (ID 255)
Eur 4,- net of VAT
Eur 4.9,- VAT incl.
Detailed description

You can replace the grinding stone by disassembling the entire grinding assembly. In some cases, it is possible to align it with sandpaper placed on a flat surface. Pure alcohol can be used for cleaning. However, only use the sander when it is completely dry.

For more information, call + 420 499 321 109 or e-mail.

Technical specifications

Pos. part: 2008
Designed for: manual disc cutter Vibromat-52
Required quantity: 1 pc

Type: sander with internal offset / pot sander
Roughness: fine grinding
Class: excellent quality

Diameter: 10 mm
Width of own sharpener: 8 mm
Pot offset: 5 x 4 mm
Mounting hole: 3 mm (2.8 mm)
Weight: 4 gr.
Packaging: plastic bag


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